Who we are

BOTEON manufactures innovative and cost-effective EOD robots, logistics and transportation robots, commercial proposal robots.

Our Team well known on the robotics market. We can solve all the range of issues that are in robotics. The members of the Lab Seven Laboratory explore, design, and build robotic systems, mechatronics and automation systems for disabled people, rehabilitative medicine, agricultural, manufacture, in consumer, cooking, industrial, automotive, banking, commercial and military applications. The main engineering fields where we masters: Information Technology (IT), Mechanics, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Signal Processing.

Our team has an experience in:
- Developing terms of reference on basis of customer requirements;
- Analysis, a prototype searching;
- Designing and calculation: construction, electronics, PCB, mechanics, programming, design;
- Fast Prototyping: 3D printing, CNC machines, bench testing, debugging etc.;
- Correction of the CD and TD on results of tests of the prototype;
- Manufacturing and debugging of an experimental batch.

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Meet our team

Alex Reznichenko


Oleksandr Kornuta


Edmond Qenani


Andrey Saltanov

Mechanical Engineer

Diana Strelets

Quality Assurance Engineer

Stepan Kostusev

Embedded Developer, Electrical Engineer

Dima Salenko

C++ Developer, Machine Learning

Lesha Makaiev

Radio Engineer, Electrical Engineer

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