EOD Solutions

BOTEON manufactures innovative and cost-effective EOD robots which allow operators to disarm explosives without risking their lives.

The remote-controlled explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot is designed to provide enhanced bomb disposal capabilities to EOD teams.

The robot offers high reliability and excellent maneuverability. It can be used to identify and disarm booby traps, fireworks, improvised, explosive devices and other dangerous objects in closed areas, buildings and vehicles. It also performs reconnaissance, monitoring and investigation of objects in exceptionally dangerous conditions.

The EOD robot system is in service with military and law enforcement units of more than 41 countries worldwide.

Below is a description of main standard features and specifications.

  • Robot :

    > It has illumination at front, back sides and on the arm.

    > It has a wire cutting kit.

    > It has a laser designator for target aiming on the robotic arm.

    > Operational on different terrain like sand, rock, gravel, grass, soil and other wet and dry terrain.

    > Passes over at least 15 cm water.

    > Passes at least up to 30 cm vertical obstacle.

    > It has a structure that can keep up with the developing Technologies. (multi-digital touch-screen control system, sniper detection kit, explosive detection kit,road cleaning kit, adaptable probe (cutter, hook)).

    > It has a Water Jet Mounting Apparatus (20-10 mm diameter apparatus, 24 V firing terminals for recoilless waterjet).

    > Operational up to 45 degrees slope.

    > Turning radius of the robot is 0.

  • Operator Control Unit :

    > 2.4 GHz high power digital radios.

    > Integrated joysticks to control drive, cameras, flipper arms and manipulator.

    > It has 1024x600 Graphic LCD, with capacitive touch screen.

    > The unit status (including the status of the main units, battery status of the robot) is seen on the controller.

    > The video is seen at the same time or separately on the control unit.

  • 5-Axis arm :

    > The arm is removable.

    > Vertical reach: 60 cm.

    > Horizontal reach: 55 cm.

    > Lifting capacity: 3-10 kg.

    > Degree of freedom: 360 degrees.

    > Shoulder rotation: 200 degrees.

    > Elbow rotation: 180 degrees.

    > Finger Gripper: 12 cm opening with 360 degrees continues elbow turn.

  • Run time :

    > Operational at least 2 hours.

  • Weight :

    > 25 kg (the robot is able to be carried on the back of the pedestrians/infantries).

  • Speed :

    > Adjustable speed up to at least 6 km/h.

    > Slow Mode: 0-1 km/h.

    > Medium mode: 0-3 km/h.

    > Fast mode: 0-6 km/h.

  • Cameras :

    > Colored 640x480.

    > One on front side.

    > One on back side for driving.

    > One on the arm for target aiming.

  • Temperature range :

    > Operational between -30°C to +50°C in every kind of weather conditions (snow, sun, rain).

  • Controls :

    > Via wireless (operational up to 500 m under outdoor conditions).

    > Via cable (the maximum cable length is 100 m).

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